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Preschool Drawing

學齡前繪畫  Ages 3-5 years



Young children spend the first few years of life discovering the world. They gather, collect, examine and process more stimuli in the preschool years than any other time in their development. Our unique method of drawing prepares their brains for more advanced learning. It is fun, encouraging and will maximize development, to better prepare them as learners.

 Preschool Drawing學齡前繪畫
初級(國小生)繪畫Elementary Drawing

Elementary Drawing

初級(國小生)繪畫 Ages 6-12 years

Young Rembrandts的步驟式繪畫方法是由藝術家和教育者團隊開發的原創課程。 我們的小學繪畫課教導孩子將複雜的事物分解成簡單的形狀。當他們學會如何拆解和重新構造圖像時,透過體驗、反覆練習以及各種有趣的主題,他們不僅在繪畫技巧上更上一層樓,同時也在生活中展現更深層次的造詣。




Young Rembrandts’ step-by-step drawing method works hand-in-hand with our original curriculum developed by a team of artists and educators. Young Rembrandts’ elementary drawing teaches children to break complex objects into foundational shapes. As they learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct images, the experience, repetition and variety of engaging and relevant subject matter brings them to increased levels of mastery in drawing - and in life.

Elementary Cartooning

卡通繪畫 Ages 6-12 years



As children progress in Young Rembrandts elementary, they experience more confidence both artistically and academically. Young Rembrandts cartooning classes follow our same quality, step-by-step method, with the added fun and excitement of cartooning. While cartooning is fun, playful, and engaging, children gain mastery in a unique drawing style and improve their core learning skills.


Themed Workshops

主題式繪畫課程 Ages 3.5-12 years

YR課程同樣有提供不同的主題在不同的節慶或冬,夏令營中 為孩子帶來特別主題,在這裡 您的孩子將提高核心的學習。YR主題式課程從三天到五天不等,請於我們聯繫,將會提供您最近期的主題活動。


Summer schools, and summer/ winter camps provide the perfect setting for our Young Rembrandts' workshops. Your child will improve core learning skills while delving into a favorite subject matter. Young Rembrandts' workshops range in themes and vary in length from 3 to 5 days. Contact us for a complete list of offerings near you!

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